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Updated May 5th, 2002

The WirelessDriver is an open source driver supporting Prism/Prism2 wireless cards such as the WaveLAN/ORiNOCO, Cabletron, SkyLINE and D-link PCMCIA cards for use with MacOS X and the Darwin operating system from Apple.

We created this driver to provide wireless access (802.11b) to powerbook users with 3rd party PCMCIA cards.This driver supports many vendor cards, read the FAQ to see if yours is (or can be) supported.

A brief chronology of the development of this driver:

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh@mipsys.com (initial port of Bill Paul's BSD driver to Darwin/OS X)
Louis Gerbarg gerbal@cs.rpi.edu (edits for compatibility with Darwin/OS X)
Rob McKeever robm@mac.com (got the driver working, ongoing development, Our Leader)
David Ross n1qfd@mac.com (wrote a GUI interface to the driver, continuing development of the GUI)
Rob McKeever robm@mac.com (global re-write of the driver, yet to be released)

Others who have contributed significantly:

Yuriwho yuriwho@mac.com (general support, testing, organization and web site guy)
Nicholas Riley njriley@uiuc.edu (assisted compliance with Apples HUI guidelines in the GUI)

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